Sunday, November 6 

9 am to 5pm

Saffron Dance, 3260 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22201

$99 Early bird special through 10/9


Want to be a Bolly Guru? 

Bring fun, excitement and health to your community through Doonya: The Bollywood Workout!

Doonya instructors love dance and are ready to teach from a fitness-first standpoint. They are energetic and looking to join a network of passionate trainers who help clients live their Bollywood fantasies in every.single.class! 

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workout your inner Bollywood

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What Is Doonya? 

Doonya: The Bollywood workout is a dance based high-intensity interval training fitness program.

In our signature workout, spend 55 minutes sweating to the powerful drum beats of South Asia. Starting with a movement breakdown, you are equipped with the exotic, energetic steps to take you through 8-11 songs. Each heart pounding routine targets a major muscle group group through innovative choreography and body-weight and weighted movements. Class ends with stretches and a reflection on the strength and power you channeled in class. 

You’ll leave class ready to take on life's obstacles with grace and power…just a like a Bollywood Star. 

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